Good For Our Enviornment

Eco-Lawn is Environmentally Friendly!





Did you know that a lawn mower running for one hour emits the same amount of pollution as 40 new automobiles running for one hour?

Did you know that over 13 million gallons (49,210,353.4 litres) are spilled annually when filling up lawn mowers, trimmers and other landscaping power tools? That is 2 million gallons (7,570,9823.6 litres) more than was spilled from the Exxon Valdez!

Since Eco-Lawn needs to be mowed only once a month at the most, you will be reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions and dramatically reducing gasoline spillage!

Eco-Lawn is the ultimate low maintenance lawn. This specially designed blend of seven fine fescue grasses, grows to form a dense turf on loam, well drained clay and even in infertile, dry soils! Eco-Lawn thrives in full sun, part shade and even in deep shade conditions! Eco-Lawn reduces your maintenance time and costs . . . with Eco-Lawn you don’t have to mow, water, fertilize or aerate . . . saving you time and money and helping to create a healthier environment.

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