Why Should I Buy It?

This video will show you my own eco lawn.


Why should you buy it?

  • Grows in extreme shade, acidic soil and clay
  • Its not a temporary fix. It works
  • You dont need to water it once its established
  • You don’t need to mow it unless you want to
  • Grubs hate it
  • Very hardy deep roots (9 – 14 inches deep)
  • You will save time and money 100%

Questions to ask yourself?

  • Have you tried other grass seed before?
Do you have problems with your lawn?
Do you spend money on lawn care, watering etc?
Do you hate always cutting your grass?
Is your grass not growing in certain areas?
Do you love the environment?

Eco Lawn Environmentally Friendly

  • Drought Tolerant
  • No fertilizers or chemicals required
  • Less vulnerable to grubs
  • Grows in full sun, part shade and even deep shade
  • Reduces mowing time or don’t mow at all
  • Saves you time and money


“Virtually maintenance free, Eco Lawn Grass seed germinates quickly but turns into a slow growing grass once it takes root. Which means you only need to mow once a month! Its deep reaching roots make it drought resistant too, eliminating the need for time consuming watering, fertilization or aerating!” Saving on lawn care. Eco lawn grass seed works.


“Ideal for regions where water conservation is a necessity, Eco Lawn is the dream lawn for today’s ecologically conscious society. This all natural grass seed, all organic blend of fine fescue grasses eliminates the need for chemically based fertilizers and pesticides and seldom requires watering. And since it is slow growing it reduces your mowing time which reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions!” Environmentally friendly grass seed.


“Say goodbye to harsh lawn chemicals and reduce your mowing at the same time! Thanks to the unique properties of this hardy fescue blend grass seed, Eco Lawn forms a dense, low growing turf even under extreme conditions. All of which ensures the lowest annual maintenance costs of all forms of landscaping and great savings for you!” Try this grass seed today. It works.


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